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Operational Excellence + Regulatory Expertise

Ghost Labs is a licensed, experienced Cannabis processor and manufacturer bringing the production model to Mississippi. We are been-there, done-that operators and experienced optimists. We take pride in working on the frontline of an emerging, highly-regulated industry and lean into all the inherent challenges that poses. Ghost Labs consists of a team of professionals who have come together to provide exceptional cannabis products to expand new and established brands. We work directly with brands and dispensaries to get high-quality items to medical marijuana users. Ghost Labs have helped dispensaries and brands expand their market and improve operations.


Ghost Labs

Top Wholesale Products for Your Mississippi Dispensary

Choose from four different product categories when looking for the available inventory from Ghost Labs. Selections include:


Gummies from the Mississippi cannabis manufacturer are created with pure THC distillate. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, the gummies have a beef base with no fillers.


Vapes from Ghost Labs undergo rigorous testing to confirm product safety for medical marijuana patients. Before release, vapes must pass heavy metal certification tests. Brands can customize vapes with various indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Clients can also choose terpene options.


As a manufacturer of superior quality pre-rolls, Ghost Labs will confirm all third-party lab testing before release. The processor has a comprehensive selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains to appeal to all clients. Pre-rolls come in convenient five count packaging.


The tinctures from Ghost Labs come from potent and pure strains of cannabis. Each batch contains a blend of sunflower oil, MCT oil, and Delta 9 cannabis oil. Dropper bottles hold 30ml and come with a child-safe top.

Licensed MS Cannabis Processing Performed by Professionals

The medical marijuana processor helps play a role in providing legal access to products that will help patients. The company prides itself on operational excellence and maintaining a reliable processing system. Ghost Labs will offer private-label brand options to dispensaries and weed brands looking to grow their platform. The flower used in operations comes from acclaimed farms throughout the Mississippi area.

Ghost Labs believes in its brand and demonstrates confidence by offering dispensaries a no-risk consignment contract. Dispensaries can provide customers with a full line of Ghost Lab products without upfront costs. Dispensaries can price the products at their discretion and make a quick profit.

Ghost Labs Globally

Ghost Labs is the results of its founder’s passion to help a world crisis by creating an organization that is focused on providing a sustainable income stream to fund Southern Biomedical Industries Foundation.  The Foundation founders have over 30 years of experience with excellent mission partners around the globe.

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We are happy & ready to assist you and your patients with the highest quality medical marijuana products on the market!

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Interested in Hemp Products?

Check out our sister company based in Tennessee! The Ghost Kitchen Hemp team is committed to providing safe, lab tested hemp-derived products that promote a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  With an assortment of gummies, pre-rolls, vapes and other “Full Spectrum” products, Ghost Kitchen will cater to your recreational + creative needs.

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